General terms and conditions

1. This document is intended to govern the conditions of booking a Bed & Breakfast listed and sold by the company Une chambre en ville, Bed & Breakfast agency in Paris.

2. All rooms featured on the website have been carefully visited by members of the company to ensure strict compliance with the criteria described in our quality charter. The details of the quality charter are available online on our website. The owners of the B&B rooms are committed to respect the terms of this quality charter. Some rooms are also labeled "eco-friendly Bed & Breakfast". These distinctions have no impact on the prices of stays.

3. Duration of stay: the customer who has made a reservation for a specific period of time can not under any circumstances claim any right to stay in the room at the end of the stay. Any modification of the dates of stay will have to be the object of a new request with Une chambre en ville.

4. The booking is confirmed and is sent to the owner of the Bed & Breakfast when the total payment of the deposit is made online or by any other means of payment accepted by Une chambre en ville.

5. Une chambre en ville charges booking fees for your stay. It represents the remuneration for the services provided by our agency. They vary depending on the duration of your stay and the number of rooms booked. They are included in the amount of the deposit paid at the time of booking.

6. The balance of the price of the stay (minus the deposit paid at the time of booking) is to be paid directly to the host who receives you, on arrival in the B&B room.

7. In case of cancellation of the stay, the amount of the deposit is not refundable.
Interruption of stay: the balance must be paid to the host upon arrival at the B&B. There will be no refund even if early departure.

8. Rates are set by the hosts and are not subject to change depending on the season or school holidays.

9. The guest must arrive at the time agreed with the host. In case of late arrival or of last minute problem, the guest must notify the owner on the phone number or e-mail address provided in the booking confirmation.

10. Reservation by phone or by email

Reservations are processed during the opening hours of our agency.
The rooms presented on our site are examples chosen from all the rooms that we can offer you.
We invite you to contact us to know the availability of our Bed & Breakfast on the dates of your stay.

11. Reservation online

Following your online booking and acceptance by the host, we send you by email a full documentation comprising:

- the description of the B&B room you are booking,
- the precise address and the telephone number of your future hosts,
- the invoice for the deposit fee that you pay to us.

The payment:
By paying the deposit on line you agree to pay the balance to the owner of the B&B room on arrival at his/her place.


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